• South America
  • Europe


  • Sales, procurement, consultation 
  • Shipping, logistics, customs, insurance

Market Analyses:

  • We can create market analyses for you
  • Who are your competitors in your target countries?
  • Which market entry strategy will help you reach your goals?
  • What business partners are available?

Technical Products:

  • Rotary pumps and valves for general industrial applications, chemistry, petrochemistry, power plants, drainage, and sterile applications
  • Solar thermal energy: collectors, storage, heat pumps, insulation, corrugated tubes, corrugated hoses
  • Gas engineering: valves, filters, measurement and control devices, fittings, pipes, tubes
  • High pressure compressors (>200 bar)
  • Special paper products
  • Charcoal, activated charcoal


  • Beef
  • Beer


  • Cattle ranch brokerage, administration, cultivation
  • Machine work, machine tool trading


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